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Artificial Satelite

Assorted Snakes
Two boxes each of Black Snakes, Colored Snakes and Glow Worms with attractive, eye catching graphics on the boxes and bag header.

Champagne Party Poppers (Boxes)
The same high quality poppers packed 6 pieces in a plastic bag with header.

Crackering Balls
Six pieces in a package that explode like popcorn on the ground producing crackling effects. Size: 1" diameter shell. Full-Line Dealer Exclusive Offer!

Crackling Jumbo Ground Bloom
Black Cat® makes an old favorite even better by taking a traditional Ground Bloom, adding some crackle & making it bigger. Crackling Jumbo Ground Bloom is a whopping ground bloom display that refutes the claim that sequel's can't be as good as the original! Effect: Bright Red, Green & Yellow Spinning lights and Crackling Stars Size: 2-3/4" x 1"

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Disco Spinners
Get your groove back with Disco Spinners! Two Disco Infernos flash brightly before erupting with a Red flame then disco-spinning on the ground with Red, Green, and Yellow flames. Two Disco Raps also flash before a cacophony of Crackle turns into a dance-floor spin sensation of Red Green and Yellow. Packed: 4 pieces Effects: 1. White Strobe to Red Flame, then Red to Green to Yellow Spinner 2. White Strobe to Crackle, then Red to Green to Yellow Spinner

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Extra Large Ground Bloom Flower
It blooms, it flowers and it's extra large! Colored flames are spun furiously in this extra large! Colored flames are spun furiously in this extra large spinner display.

Flashing Signal
Not a true fountain but a great consistent performer. Black Cat was the first to offer this strobing effect from China.

Fun Snaps
The quality of these classic snappers have been improved making it the biggest and the best! 2" tall box by 2-3/4 wide. Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!

Ground Bloom Flower
Possibly the best-loved ground spinner. It spins with red, green and yellow changing color and lots of energy.

Ground Pounder
A 6 pack of salute crackers with each one shooting a multitude of reports. Unique and excititing. Day or Night Use.

Jumbo Magnum Popper
This is bigger than normal postol type party popper.

Jumping Jack 12s (48 brick)

Jumping Jacks 50s
Click here to view larger image A traditional item with an improved super performance and upgraded packaging. These will get you in shape. Bright Red & Green color jumps & spins about on the ground. Unique! Day or night use.

Magnum Flasher
Five pyro pieces each shooting large, brilliant silver strobes. Break out the sunglasses for this one! <100 Gram Each Category Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!

Nitro Stick

Pulling Fireworks

Small Bee

Storm Warning
Bright flashes provide an ominous warning signal of spark and whistle storms. Each storm warning is a different effect.

Utter Chaos
A pack of six spin stabilized flying finless missiles. We categorize them as wings since they spin while rising but there are no wings. Each item spins on the ground and rises high in the air with green sparks and a "whooshing" noise.

Whistiling Chaser

Den of Snakes
Den of Snakes takes pyro-snake slime to a creepy new level as 5 flaming snakes emerge from their slippery dens. Some people hate snakes. Others find them fang-tastic! Size: 1" x 2-1/8"

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Camelia Flower

Torpedo Snapper

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