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100 shot Magical Barrage
Dazzling 100 shot multi-colored display.

Shoots 9 hard shots of loud reports! 9 Shots / 200 gram Category

This will get your head spinning! Stars, Reports, Fish, Hummers, Crackles, Glitters, Willows.... It's bamboozling just thinking about it! Enjoy 8 barrages with 4 to 6 shots in each exciting barrage. 40 Shots / 200 Gram Category Size: 3 3/4" x 6 3/4" Aerial Effects: 1. Quad reports with Pink Stars 2. Silver Flying Fish 3. Quad reports with Blue Stars 4. White Glittering Willows with Hummers 5. Quad reports with Crackling Bouquet 6. Six reports with Red Glittering Willows 7. Crackling Willows 8. Silver Tails to Silver Glittering to Crackles

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100 shots of color and sound will steal the night away!

Best By Threes

Green Bling with purple stars and red, blue and white Bling. Red and green bouquets with time delay Bling and crackling Bling. Thirty-six shot of two different diameters. 36 SHOTS Unit size (inches): 5-5/8x5-3/16x4-3/4 Packing: 12/1 Carton size (cbm): 0.030 Gross Weight (kg): 17

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Blue Rush

Blue Star
Make way stardom! This is a multi-shot with 7 beautiful Blue stars and reports. A classic! For Night Use. 7 Shots Size: 6-1/2

Bonanza Blaze

Colour Pearl 48s
A traditional small cake with a much better label design and brighter and higher flying color pearls plus a finale shot.

Crackling Coloured Palms
Shots of silver strobing pearl to red or green palm with crackle.

Crackling Golden Palm
A fabulous, 7" X 7" cake with an effect that is exactly what the name suggests, huge golden crackling palms.

Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse carves an explosive pyro-monument of alternating Glitters, Whistles and Colors into the night sky. 35 Shots Size: 4 3/4" x 5 1/8" Effects: 1. Red Glittering Willow (Mine) 2. Green Glittering Willow (Mine) 3. Whistling and Red Flying Stars up 4. Whistling and Green Flying Stars up 5. Green Tail up to Silver Spinning Flowers 6. Titanium Whistles 7. Red, Blue & Green Stars

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Diamond Mine
A show full of blue stars with silver flying fish. 81 SHOTS Unit size (inches): 6-3/4x6-9/16x3-15/16 Packing: 8/1 Carton size (cbm): 0.029 Gross Weight (kg): 14

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Double Exposure

Dozens of Fun
Over two-dozen shots. One fun display! These 25 shots include a variety of Red tails, Red stars, Crackles, Silver tails, Silver Glittering, Blue stars, Green tails, Green stars, Blue tails and Purple Stars. Fun! Fun! Fun! 25 Shots/200 Gram Category

Fast & Furious
Do you feel the need for speed? How about a surging sequential rays of color? Fast & Furious lives up to it’s name with a flurry of traversing color Comets and Cracker mines. This one packs a Black Cat® power punch. 57 Shots / 200 gram Category Size: 6” x 7-1/4” x 8-7/8 Effects: See a fast sequence of fan shape shooting followed by beautiful single shots. 1. Pink Stars 2. Light Yellow Stars 3. Light Blue Stars w/multiple Reports 4. Light Yellow Stars w/multiple Reports 5. White Glittering Tails up to Crackling Stars 6. Hummers 7. Crackling Tails to Crackling Stars

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Fireworks Fiesta

Flaming Boomerang
Upgraded to 41 shots of Boomerang shaped fun! Lemon and Blue comets stream in a v-shape skywards before being overshadowed by a fan of giant red and green glitter tails and bombettes. Flaming Boomerang! 41 Shots/500 Gram Category High Power Pyro

Flash N Bash
Shells and tails and stars and reports Flash 'N' Bash their way through this 15 shot display. Multi-layered firing means a full view performance as color and sound combine to thrill. 15 Shots / 200 gram Category View this great variety of shots & effects: 1. Red Tails bursting to Red Stars 2. Green Tails bursting to Green Willow 3. Mine effect - Red Chrysanthemum + Reports 4. Crackling Tails burst to Gold Glitters 5. Crackling Tails burst to Crackles 6. Mine effect - Silver Glittering + Blue Stars + Reports 7. Blue Tails burst to Crackling Palms 8. Gold Tails burst to Gold Crackling Palms + Mine effect - Crackling & Reports

Frenzy combines alternating Missiles and Mines like never before to provide a wild show of Black Cat's unique design innovation! 248 Shots / 200 Gram Category Size: 3 1/4" x 7-1/8" x 11" Effects: 1. Red Stars & Whistling Tail up to Crackling & Blue Stars 2. Green Stars & Whistling Tails up to Bang Reports & Blue Stars 3. Whistling & While Glittering up to Bang Reports 4. Crackling

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Garden in Spring
Beautiful colored pearls in this long-time favorite. With new and improved shape.

Gold Collection M1/M2

Happy 16s
Sixteen shots of quality color pearls and reports.

Happy 36s
Shots of color pearl and reports. This is an improved version of the standard Happy that you've seen for years.

500 gram Comes with big shots rising with purple tail to crackling flowers and ends with a 6 shot fianle. 16 SHOTS Unit size (inches): 6-3/4x6-5/8x6-7/8 Packing: 12/1 Carton size (cbm): 0.076 Gross Weight (kg): 27

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Just Shoot It
Shoot to thrill with colorful comets, crackling mines, screeching whistles and more. What can we say? Just Shoot It and see for yourself. 50 Shots / 200 Gram Category Size: 3-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 8-1/4" Effects: 1. Crackling Mine up to Red Comet 2. Crackling Mine up to Silver Comet 3. Crackling Mine up to Whistles 4. Crackling Mine up to Lemon Comet 5. Crackling Mine up to Silver Crackling Flowers

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Let's Get After It
Huge blue breaks with either blue, silver or green strobing stars.

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Lightning Storm
A 7" X 7 1/2" cake, Brilliant white lightning strikes fill the sky.

Mechanical Bug
Silver flying fishes with blue stars, whistling and crackling tail to reports. 100 SHOTS Unit size (inches): 7-1/4x7x4 Packing: 8/1 Carton size (cbm): 0.033 Gross Weight (kg): 18.5

Mini Rig
Mini Rig has 12 tubes: nine of white glittering mines to pink, green and gold glitter, green stars and crackling, and a three shot finale of crackling chrysanthemums. 12 SHOTS Unit size (inches): 6x9x7 Packing: 8/1 Carton size (cbm): .057 Gross Weight (kg): 11.5

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Old Time Shootout
You'll hit the dirt when this shoot-out begins! What great rapid fire multi-color firing pearls...with reports! This is our larger Ole Time Shoot Out version. 16 Shots / 200 gram Category Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!

Paparazzi records the red carpet with a display of flashing lights and color. Watch as Blues and Lemons vie for the celebrity spotlight with Glitters, Fish and Willows. Definitely no B-grade pyro performances here! 21 Shots / 200 Gram Category Size: 5-7/8" x 4-7/8" x 4-7/8" Effects: 1. Blue Tails up to Sea Blue Stars with delayed Crackling 2. Blue Stars with Silver Fish Bouquet 3. Lemon Tails up to Lemon Stars with delayed Crackling 4. Blue Stars with Silver Glittering Willow Bouquets 5. Whistling up to Crackling

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Rainbow Warp
Over the rainbow...seeing is believing! Fantastic Gold to Silver to Green to Glittering shots with scrambling Comets. WOW!!! 19 Shots / 200 gram Category Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!

Serpent Strike

Sky Claws
Brocade claws scratching at Blue Star bursts provide an introduction for tantalizing eruption White Glitter Stars. Palms and Crackles then slash their way to the top of this 14 shot sky-splitting pyro exhibition. Size: 7-7/8 H x 8-1/4 W x 8-1/4 D Shots: 14 / 350 Gram Category Effects: Brocade King to Blue Pistil White Glitter Bouquet up to White Glitter Stars Silver Palm to Red Stars Silver Palm to Green Stars Blue & Titanium Crackling Bouquet up to Red Chrysanthemum Crackles Blue & Titanium Crackling Bouquet up to Green Chrysanthemum Crackles Blue & Titanium Crackling Bouquet up to Blue Chrysanthemum Crackles

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Sky Jacks
Shots of crackle mine with a silver palm break and big silver crackle.

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Sky Stingers
19 exciting shots including jelly fish effects stinging the sky! Size: 6-7/8" H x 3" W x 6" Diagonal Shots: 19 / 200 Gram Category Effects: Special Jelly Fish Shots Gold tail up to Gold Willow with Blue Stars Silver tail up to Silver Jelly Fish Green tail up to Silver Twister Silver tail up to Silver Jelly Fish with Crackling Stars Brocade tail up to Blue Stars Red tail up to Crackling Stars with Hummer Green tail up to Blue Stars & Green Glitter Stars Gold tail up to Delay Crackles

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Spinning Wonder
Will wonders never cease! And neither do these multi-shot spinners! 8 shots of Spinning Silver twirl towards Green Glitters to produce a display of wonder. 8 Shots/200 Gram Category

Strobing Palms
This cake is a great addition with almost double the powder of a standard firework. Starts with a silver fountain to silver warp, palm and gold willows follow.

The Beast
Magnificent silver comets with silver breaks and a loud "growling" sound.

Top Ten Mine
There's no messing around here. 10 of the top mine showers going off and appearing in successive strong eruptions of Purple, Green, Red Crackles, Green Crackles and Blue Crackles. 10 Shots / 200 gram Category Enjoy these alternating Mine effects: 1. Purple pearls 2. Green pearls 3. Red Crackles 4. Green Crackles 5. Blue Crackles

Green tail to silver spinner ends with a 5 shots finale. 25 SHOTS Unit size (inches): 4-13/16x4-5/8x4-3/4 Packing: 12/1 Carton size (cbm): 0.03 Gross Weight (kg): 14

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Twitter Glitter

Warp Speed
Gold-silvery bees flying through the air in a ever expanding burst of action. Expanding effects give you the sense that you are moving closer to the points of colored light at 'warp speed'. 19 Shots / 200 gram Category Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!

Whistling Thunder
Swirling silver whistles with bursting red and green breaks and reports.

This 10 shot aerial is very impressive! Just like the name says this multi-shot shot shoots huge, yes huge Gold Willows. A long time favorite.

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Crackling Colored Palms X


Jesse James

Tiger Tails

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