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500g Items Small Items  

#3 Cones
Solar Wave: A 7" cone made with a special custom effect of beautiful fine rich gold sparkling showers. <100 Gram Each Category Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!

#4 Cone
Turbo Flash: A large 9" cone made with a special custom effect of beautiful fine rich gold sparkling showers. <100 Gram Each Category Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!

#8 Cone
Pharoah's Treasure is a jumbo 12" cone that emits a shower of gold and flashing silver tips. Volumes of showers rise up to 7' high and lasts for a approximately 30 seconds. <100 Gram Each Category Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!

1.21 Gigawatts
1.21 Gigawatts! What did I just say? 1.21 Gigawatts! This is the closest thing you'll get to a pyro flux capacitor. Black Cat®'s new pyro-active fountain is plutonium packed full of color, titanium, and everything you need in a fountain display. The future is here! Size: 8-7/8" x 4" Avg Duration: 90 Seconds Effects: 1. Orange Fish & Silver Rain 2. Silver Calyx Canthus & Red Stars with White Flowers & Red Stars 3. Silver Calyx Canthus & Green Stars with White Flowers & Green Stars 4. Silver Calyx Canthus & Yellow Stars with White Flowers & Yellow Stars 5. Silver Calyx Canthus & Blue Stars with White Flowers & Blue Stars 6. Red Springs with Red & Green Sparkler Crackle

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Ammo Clip
Each of these six Ammo Clip fountains produces a rich and memorable shot of strong colors and really nice effects. An essential for any pyro ground display arsenal. <100 Gram Category (each) Size: 4 1/8" x 1 3/8" Effects: 1. Crackling Flowers with Green Stars 2. Crackling Sparklers with Red Stars 3. Golden Silk Chrysanthemums & Silver Glittering with Red & Blue Stars 4. Silver Spring Flowers with Lemon Stars 5. Crackling Chrysanthemum with Crackling Flowers & Orange Stars 6. Silver Silk Chrysanthemum with Silver Glittering & Blue Stars

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Brooklyn Bridge
Like it's namesake, Black Cat®'s Brooklyn Bridge is a classic. Big and wide and connecting with the audience, Brooklyn Bridge presents a display that spans a huge performance arc. Flowers of Gold and Titanium enhance the classic design which is a feat of Black Cat® pyro engineering. Avg. Duration: 85 seconds / 500 Gram Fountain Size: 7-1/2 H x 15 W x 6-1/2 D Effects: 1. White Flowers, Red Stars and Green Titanium Rain with Crackling Flowers 2. White Flowers, Green Stars and Red Titanium Rain with Crackling Flowers 4. Gold Sparkling Chrysanthemums, Red Titanium Rain, Crackling Flowers and Green Stars 5. Gold Sparkling Chrysanthemums, Green Titanium Rain, Crackling Flowers and Red Stars 6. Gold Sparkling Chrysanthemums, Red Titanium Rain, Crackles and Green Stars 7. White Flowers, Silver Rain and Lasers

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Bug Zapper

Colour Conceirto (the pianna)
Imagine what the William Tell Overture would look like in fireworks...and you get Color Concerto! See our new "Running Pearl" star effects zig-zag their way through a long duration display of exciting color and entertaining movement. With a full 2 minutes of enjoyment so new and unique, you will want a definite encore performance. Enjoy this 500 Gram Fountain with these great effects: 1. Red zig-zag 2. Green zig-zag 3. Yellow zig-zag 4. White chrysanthemums 5. Silver Crackles 6. Gold zig-zag 7. Gold chrysanthemum + Green zig-zag 8. Gold chrysanthemum + Green zig-zag 9. White chrysanthemum + red zig-zag 10. White chrysanthemum + red zig-zag 11. Green zig-zag + crackles 12. Green zig-zag + crackles 13. Red zig-zag + crackles 14. Red zig-zag + crackles

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Count Pyros Castle
Welcome to a Count Pyro's Castle, almost 3 minutes of hidden pyrotechnic treasures! Count Pyro's Castle has seven chambers producing fountain effects of many and exciting varieties. Effects: This commences with flaming orange stars that change to shooting silver sparks before introducing crackle bursts with red stars; White chrysanthemum with green stars are then greeted by a screeching whistle before a prolonged burst of red stars enter the fray; Silver chrysanthemum crackles with blue stars and followed by delicate white chrysanthemum with purple and green stars; Yellow stars and crackle segment lead on to a finale of multi-colored stars and crackle. 200 Gram Category

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T-minus 11 seconds and counting....Never before has one firework displayed so many Flashing numbers and Lights with such clarity. Watch the actual launch sequence yourself as Countdown prepares for its mission to show the world intergalactic Colors and Crackles. 200g Category Size: 12 1/4" x 4 3/4" Effects: 1. Countdown 2. Whistles 3. Lemon Stars, Purple Stars and Silver Crackling to Blue Stars, Red Stars and Spider Crackling Flowers 4. Yellow Stars, Purple Stars and Plum Chrysanthemums to Red Stars, Green Stars and Spider Crackling Flowers 5. Green Stars, Purple Stars and Silver Crackling to Yellow Stars, Blue Stars and Titanium Crackles

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This fountain has been around for a long time and we've always kept its original full effects with Multi-colored showering sparks and 2 very loud Whistles and, upgraded the packaging. Go ahead and compare, but for longer lasting effects the value of our Cuckoo is second to none. For night use. <100 Gram Category Size: 1-3/4" x 6-7/8"

Cybertron transforms your fountain experience, from a jet-propulsion display to a vortex spinning finale. Black Cat® innovation at its best. Size: 5-1/4" x 3-1/10" x 3-1/10" Avg Duration: 45 Seconds Effects: 1. Red Stars, Yellow Glitter & Crackling Sparks 2. Red Stars & Crackle 3. Red Flame 4. Titanium Flower Spinning 5. Titanium Whistle Spinning

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Dancing Butterfly

Diamond Showcase
They say Diamonds are forever, and so it seems with this fabulous unique shaped 200 gram fountain-mine combination. Huge fountain effects and clear crisp colors make this a showcase display of precious proportions, finished off with an exciting mine surprise that completes the showcase. A must-have display item. Enjoy the 8 great effects in this 200 gram fountain : 1. Purple Titanium Rain 2. Green stars + Purple stars + Blue stars 3. Red stars + Lemon stars + Blue stars 4. Silver Glitter + Purple stars 5. Silver Glitter + Lemon stars 6. Yellow stars + Silver chrysanthemums 7. Purple stars + Silver chrysanthemums 8. Silver Glitter Mine finale

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Energiser Fountain
Black Cat® presents a 5 minute, yes 5 MINUTE, fully worked Fountain Display. With more colors and effects than any other fountain, Energizer does for fountains what Route 66 did for highways. It just keeps on going and gets better and better and better. Avg. Duration: 5+ minutes / 500 Gram Fountain Size: 5-1/4 H x 14-1/4 W x 11-3/4 D Effects: Red Stars and Silver Chrysanthemums Green Stars and Gold Chrysanthemums Lemon Sparks with Silver Crackling Sparks Purple Stars with Gold Spark Chrysanthemums Red Chrysanthemums with Blue Sparks Lemon Sparks with Silver Spark Crackling Flowers Red, Green, Purple and Lemon Sparks with Silver Chrysanthemums Red Stars and Green Stars with Gold Spark Chrysanthemums Red Stars and Lemon Stars with Silver Crackling Sparks Red, Green, Blue and Lemon Sparks with Silver Spark Crackling Flowers

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Fish Bowl Fountain

It's got Stars. It's got Color. It's got Crackles. It's FOUNTASTIC!! <100 Gram Category Size: 5" x 3" Special Effects: 1. Titanium Flowers 2. Crackling Stars 3. Crackling Stars & Red Stars 4. Crackling Stars, Red Stars, Yellow Stars & Blue Stars

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Glitter Cones
Four assorted cones in a box. Each cone erupts with sparks that grow higher and higher. Effects of beautiful gold, illuminating silver, a rowdy crackle and a combination of red, green silver and gold sparks.

Great Barrier Reef
Like the living wonder of this world it is named after...this 4-fountain color-themed pack will leave you spellbound by the beauty of its color and form. Each fountain lasts for approximately 90 seconds. 200 Gram Category (Each) Effects: Blue Lagoon - A combination of white chrysanthemum, flaming blue stars, purple and orange stars, silver sparks, purple flames, whistles, crackles and silver chrysanthemums. Sea Weed - A combination of white chrysanthemum, flaming red stars, green and orange stars, silver sparks, green flames, whistles, crackles and yellow chrysanthemums. Star Fish - A combination of gold glitter, flaming yellow stars, red, blue & green stars, silver sparks, whistles, crackles and silver chrysanthemums. Red Coral - A combination of white chrysanthemum, flaming red stars, silver sparks, red flames, whistles, crackles and silver chrysanthemums.

Jack in the Box Surprise

Killer Bees
Another old favourite, this fountain has been around since the 1980's but we've brought it back to its original performance with longer lasting colored sparks and "bees" that really whistle.

Little Big Show
This fountain has it all- that's why we call it "A Fireworks Display in a Fountain." Watch as shell like bursts spread across the stage. This performance is a hard act to follow. Size: 6-3/4" x 4-1/4" x 4-3/4" (each side: 2-3/8") Avg Duration: 95 Seconds Effects: 1. White Flowers with Red & Green Sparks to Crackling Flowers with Red & Green Sparks 2. Yellow Flowers with Orange & Green Sparks to Lazer with Orange & Green Sparks 3. Snow Pine with Red & Green Sparks to new Gold Sparkling Chrysanthemum with Red & Green Sparks 4. Crackling Chrysanthemum 5. Chrysanthemum Crackle with Lemon Sparks 6. Green Titanium Rain

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Multiple stages of colored fire, whistle and crackle will excite and delight.

Yee Haw! There's nothin' still about this 5 fountain-spinner combination! Silver, Colors & Crackles are distilled to knock your socks off. After you start seeing a Blue out! The whole world spins, or at least if feels that way when the Whistling-whirler starts spinning the whole thing. Each Moonshiner gives you approximately a 45 second display. Watch for: 1. Purple Titanium rain/Blue star/Silver crackles 2. Blue Titanium rain 3. Titanium whistles Duration: 45 seconds

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Pop Goes the Fountain
Silver crackle with gold sparks, big crackle and silver crackle. If your customers like noise, this is the fountain for them. The duration is over 1 minute.

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A delicious mix of green stars and purple and crackling and purple and white flowers and purple and more crackling and purple and yellow stars and purple and pine needles and purple-Grape Stuff! Unit size (inches): 8-1/4x7-1/4x9-1/16 Packing: 9/1 Carton size (cbm): 0.058 Gross Weight (kg): 17.0

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Roller Coaster Fountain
Take the ride of your life with all the dips, heights and turns a fountain can offer. The 9 stages of this fountain ride includes combinations of Strobing Flares, Crackles, Whistles, Glitters, Chrysanthemums and Multi-colors. 200 Gram Category Size: 6" x 11-1/2" x 6"

Silver Streak
A titanium-powered streak of wonder that provides well over a minute of every type of Silver effect you can imagine. Throw in some Color, Whistles and Crackle and you have The Silver Streak.

Super Soldier
A unique shaped fountain. You take the solder's hat off to light the fuse. The fountain sprays silver rain down out of the "back pack" plus red, green, silver, crackle and pink out the top. Duration is over 1 minute. <100 gram Category

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Tiki Mon
Tiki Mon reveals all sorts of tropical colors. The real glowing eyes will spellbind you at the beginning and then the titanium crackling finale will wake you from the hypnotic trance! 200 Gram Category See these fantastic fountain displays: 1. Whistles 2. Strobing Eyes 3. Silver Chrysanthemums, Green Stars / Blue Stars & Silver Crackles 4. Gold Flowers, Lemon Stars, Orange Stars / Yellow Stars & Silver Crackles 5. Gold Crackling Flowers, Lemon & Purple Stars / Blue Stars & Titanium Crackles 6. Strobing Eyes Size: 9"x 4"

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Underwater Fury
Think the brightest colors you've seen and then think Underwater Fury. Tropical Reds, Greens, Golds, Purples, and Blues combine in schools of flames and sparks.

Wave with Pride
Be Patriotic in Pyro! A complete parade of Reds, Whites & Blues wave their way through a display of national importance. Celebrate with the long duration this fountain provides at it's nationalistic best. 12 Showering Effects/500 gram Category Watch for: 1. Red Titanium Rain 2. Silver Rain 3. Blue Titanium Rain 4. Red Stars 5. White Glittering 6. Blue Stars 7. Five(5) Stage Titanium Whistles 8. Crackling Showers

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Zap Attack
The Joker
Space Cowboy? Gangster of Love? No chance. This Joker is all about freaking you out! Startling effects and four stage Whistles draw you in before the Eyes of the Freak Flicker and Glow. In what seems like forever, this display will certainly mesmerize. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Avg. Duration: 75 seconds of Laughter Effects: 4 stage Titanium Whistles Spider Sparks with Red & Green Umbrella Spider Spark Chrysanthemum with Yellow & Purples Gold Spark Chrysanthemum with Red & Blues and Lightning Thunder finale.

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100 Foot Fountain

Big Bangers Crackling Fountain

Cajun Crackler

Frick and Frack

From the Heart Fountain

Screaming Cat


Shut Up!

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