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Cat Attack
The 210 shots of Catapult is a seemingly never-ending flurry of whistles, crackels and reports flung through the atmosphere on the back of mini-rocket projectiles. The mult-staged design was created so this display intensifies into a crescendo of sky-filled effects and thrills as the action continues! 210 Shots / 200 gram Category Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!

Colour Tracer Missile
Black Cat's missile innovation continues with Color Tracer Missiles. Alternating Colored tails and Mines make this a precision pyro delivery system. Fire One...Fire Two...! 50 Shots Size: 3 1/4" x 2 3/8" Effects: 1. Blue Star to a Green & Whistling Tail up with a Bang Report 2. Blue Star to a Red & Whistling Tail up with Crackling

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Going Haywire
300 shots of controlled chaos is the key to Black Cat®'s Going Haywire. The newest effects in missile mayhem include Colored and Glitter Tails to Crackles and Reports. Size: 2-3/4 H x 25 W x 2-3/8 D Shots: 300 / 200 Gram Category Effects: 1. Green Whistling Tails up ejecting Report 2. Red Whistling Tails up ejecting Crackling Stars 3. White Glittering Tails Whistling up ejecting Report

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Jail Break
Make the jailhouse rock! Blue Star mines escape with Whistling & Crackling missiles, before Glittering missiles fill the sky. Achieving this level of quality in a missile cake is as hard as escaping from Alcatraz, but as you’ll see…anything is possible with Black Cat®! 104 Shots / 200 Gram Category Size: 4-3/4” x 4-3/8” x 13-3/4” Alternating effects include: 1. Red Tails w/Whistles up to Bursting Crackling Stars & Blue Stars 2. Green Tails w/Whistles up to Exploding Reports & Blue Stars 3. Silver Tails w/Whistles up to Bursting White Glittering & Exploding Reports 4. Green Tails w/Whistles up to Bursting Green Glittering and Crackling Stars

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Magnum Velocity Missile
This missile stands proud at 10" tall. Ignition, lift off ...and then watch these thrusters kick start the engine as this beauty glides over 300' through the air while it showers down Golden Glitters.

Mega Thor Missile

Missile Base 100s
Shoots 100 fully loaded loud whistles with report finales. The best quality on the market! 100 Shots / 200 gram Category Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!

Missile Base 25s
Shoots 25 fully loaded loud whistles with report finales. The best quality on the market! 25 Shots / 200 gram Category Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!

Saturn Missile 250s

Strike Force
Travels at a high rate of speed leaving a twirling tail as it goes then exlodes into golden palms with red and green pearls with loud reports. (6 rockets)

Turbo Booster
Each pack has four missiles. They soar from the ground well over 100' high. Packed with color and a comet tail. Excellent Quality missile by Zenith Specialties USA.


Open: Memorial Day Season (May 24 thru May 29)

Caddo Mills Megastore
10am - 9pm

Rockwall Megastore
10am - 9pm

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