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Artillery Shells, black box
A 6 shot artillery shell, each shot has different effects. Green Peony, Red Peony, Gold Peony, Blue Peony, White Peony and Multi-colored Peony. Black Cat quality through and through! 6 Balls/6 Shots

A twelve-pack of special hand picked, huge bursting, 1-3/4" reloadable shells in a distinctive metal looking box. 12 Balls/12 Shots

Black Knight

Black Mamba

This reloadable shell pack is loaded with 12 Triple chamber shells providing for a total cannon burst power of 36 breaks. Launch tube is 2-1/2" by 14" tall. 12 Shots / 36 Bursts Made in USA!

Crackling Artillery Shells
6 crackling artillery shells with varied effects at a great value.

ight out of the old west. You'll be amazed at the punch packed by these one-inch wonders! Includes Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Purple and Crackle mini artillery's. Re-load and fire! 6 Balls / 6 Shots Size: 1-1/8" Balls Effects: 1. Red Peony 2. Yellow Peony 3. White Glittering Peony 4. Purple Peony 5. Blue Peony 6. Crackling Stars

Extreme Pyro
Loaded with everything you need for your aerial show: Single break shells, Double break shells, Triple break shells and Quad break reloadable shells. Packed with 8 launch tubes to provide for 80 shots producing a total of 176 spectacular & exciting breaks. 80 Shots / 176 Spectacular Bursts Made in USA! Size: 22 x 59 x 5-1/4 Launch Tubes: 12 x 2-3/8

Gold Collection AS-1
When these 1-3/4" Shell bursts, what you are seeing are hundreds of burning 'pearls', carefully crafted pellets of chemical combinations that burn to create the mesmerizing lines of color you see in the sky. Richness of color, an extended pearl burn-time, and a 'round' burst are just some of the qualities that set great Shells apart from the rest. In the tradition of Display Aerial Shells, Exceptional Artillery (AS-1) is a selection of carefully designed and crafted Single Artillery Shells that aim to reach the status of 'exceptional' by achieving all the above criteria - a full and round burst, excellent duration and rich, bright colors. With these qualities fulfilled, AS-1 is sure to be a vital part of any display design. The design of professional firework shows is largely based around the arrangement and firing sequence of the Display Aerial Shell- the big brother of the Artillery Shell. It is of little wonder that the quality of the Aerial Shell is paramount to the discerning pyrotechnician. Launch tube is 14" tall. 12 Balls/12 Shots Color & Effects: 1. Brocade to Red 2. Blue Ring to Silver 3. Red Tail to Red Palm 4. Green with Silver Palm 5. Green with Crackle 6. Purple and Green 7. Blue to Silver 8. Yellow and Blue 9. Crackling Tail to Crackle Shell 10. Red Ring with Crackle Center 11. White Strobes 12. Green Strobes

Hot Rods
A souped-up V12 Artillery Shell sensation. Six (6) shells, 12 breaks with tails, a high-torque double break power performance - all in a box. It doesn't just look good, it's got the power! 6 Shots / 12 Breaks Re-loadable Double-Break Effects: 1. Red Peony & Silver Chrysanthemum / Green Peony & Silver Chrysanthemum 2. Blue Peony / Silver Brocade 3. Red & Blue Peony / Purple & Green Peony 4. Lemon & Green Peony / Crackling Willow 5. Green Peony / Purple Palm 6. Crackling Stars & Silver Chrysanthemum / Crackling Stars & Silver Chrysanthemum Size: Launch Tube - 14" Cannister Shells - 1-1/2" x 3"

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Loud Load
They're LOUD! They're LOADED! And they're ready to Rock! Six multi-effect ring artillery shells prove you can look good and sound good too. 12 Balls / 12 Grand Shots Size: 1-3/4" Shell Effects: 1. Red wave Ring Shell with Silver Star Pistil 2. Purple wave Ring Shell with Silver Crackling Pistil 3. Silver wave Ring Shell with Red Peony Pistil 4. Purple to Green Glittering Ring Shell with Red Palm Pistil 5. Half Silver wave Ring Shell with Half Red Star Ring 6. Red wave Ring with Crackling Flower Pistil

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Magnum Artillery Shells
The shell launcher for this artillery was specially designed and extensively tested to ensure that it can handle the 12 shots included in the package. Each shell effect has been hand picked and custom made. 12 assorted effects. 12 Balls / 12 Shots Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!

Magnum Artillery Shells w/Tails
Twelve different assorted effects with special Crackling Comet Tails preceding big, colorful bursts. 12 Balls / 12 Shots Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!

This is the ultimate Reloadable Artillery Shell. With 48 shots and 72 bursting color breaks, this Reloadable will make you feel like a true pyrotechnician. Loaded with Single Breaks, Double Breaks and Triple Break Shells. This Reloadable has 4 launch tubes and 2 pairs of safety glasses for a professional-style display in your backyard. 48 Shots / 72 Breaks Made in USA! Size: 27-1/4 x 36 x 5

FOUR-BREAK artillery shells! Quadruple your fun with quadruple the power! "Quadrific" carefully matches colors and effects providing the perfect design for these four-break powehouse artilleries. 6 Quads/24 Breaks

Sky Ink
Paint the sky wide with Sky Ink. The sky is the canvas as Artillery pattern shells from amazing shapes, including Double Rings, Sunflower, Smiling Face and Butterfly with Ring. 8 Shells / 8 Huge Breaks Re-loadable Shell Effects: 1. Smiley Face with Silver Tail up 2. Sun Flower with Silver Tail up 3. Butterfly & Red Ring with Silver Tail up 4. Red Outer Ring & Green Outer Ring with Silver Tail up Size: Launch Tube - 10-3/4" Ball Shell - 1-3/4"

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Smoke N Mirror
There is no illusion in this Smoke and Mirrors. Each box has three kits of six canister shells which are manufactured using newly developed techniques. You'll see golden willows, crackling flowers, time delayed crackling, colorful bouquets, colored stars, flying fish, glitter, multicolored scrambling comets - 18 big breaks. Unit size (inches): 15-3/4x15x5-5/8 in. Packing: 4/3/6 Carton size (cbm): 0.088 Gross Weight (kg): 17

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Star Spangled Cannon
Twelve special Black Cat effect shells, all with jumbo bursts. Packaging lets you see the launcher and shells. 12 Balls/12 Shots Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!

Third Generation artillery
This reloadable kit has an excellent assortment of 16 double break shells and is packed with 2 launch tubes for double the action in the sky. Effects such as Blue Crackling & Green Palms, Red Lights & Blue Stars with reports and, Dragon Eggs & White Lights will dazzle you in these night displays. 16 Shots / 32 Bursts Made in USA

Six Titan-sized triple-break shells with fistfuls of multi-colored cracking, stars, glitter, peonies, flying fish, bouquets and on the list goes. Unit size (inches): 9-7/8x14-1/2x5 Packing: 6/6 Carton size (cbm): 0.080 Gross Weight (kg): 9

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The rich guys got money to burn; piles of gold. Tons of single, double and quad ball and canister shells. 174 BREAKS Unit size (inches): 42-1/2x23-1/4x5 Packing: 1/10 Carton size (cbm): 0.092 Gross Weight (kg): 15

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Whistling Artillery Shells
This kit contains 6 shells with whistling tail to assorted color bouquet. Height: 75 ft

White Knight
The White Knight challenges you to a dual! These hot new 6 break canister shells have 36 breaks consisting of colored stars, glittering and crackling. Unit size (inches): 10x5-1/8x14-3/4 Packing: 8/6 Carton size (cbm): 0.102 Gross Weight (kg): 17

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Chasing Tail Artillery

Contraband Artillery

Crackling Artillery Shells (mini

Diablo (12 shot)


Lucky 13

Maximum Load 12 pack Artillery

Pro 4 Gold

Quest (24 Canister)

Smoke-N-Mirrors (6 shot)

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