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Boom Bomb Candle

Crackling Roman Candle

Gatlin' Pack
The most progressive pack of roman candles on the market. This 8 candle pack contains 2 pieces each of 4 different high quality roman candles, plus a launch tube to boot! Each candle is 18" long providing maximum impact. 5 Gatlin' shots per candle. Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!

Magnum Repeater
Each candle shoots 5 large maximum load shots. Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!

Roman Candle 10 ball

Roman Candle, 10 ball mini (BC)
10 huge shots of Rich Reds and Emerald Green Roman Candle fun shoot out of each large tube! Enjoy the fireball display. Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!

Three Colour Candle

Extra Large California Candle
Not a sparkler but hand-held. 20" long and 1-1/4" in diameter. The candle spews out red and green fire with gold and silver sparks for one minute.

Neon Tracer


Open: Memorial Day Season (May 24 thru May 29)

Caddo Mills Megastore
10am - 9pm

Rockwall Megastore
10am - 9pm

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