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Double Night Parachute
The fascination of a floating parachute. This is a double shot of two parachutes with a night flare. Perfect for starting your evening show or just enjoying the soft art of pyrotechnics. Size: 1-1/8" x 4-3/4"

Fly the Flag
Three day parachutes packed in a display box. One chute has a U.S. flag, one chute has a Black Cat@ flag and one flag that says "Happy Holiday". With a minimum order requirement, it can be custom imprinted with the retail store name.

Parachute Battalion
With 7 shots and 56 smoking parachutes, this Black Cat@ Certified Daytime Pyro(TM) is guaranteed to color your sky. Watch as the Parachute Battalion barrages descend from the sky leaving behind streaming trails of red, green, yellow and purple smoke.

Sky Jumpers
A fanfare of Whistles announces the arrival of the Black Cat paratroopers. Lines of Colored Smoke and Streamers crisscross the blue sky before the Stars and Stripes waves with pride for all to see. No July 4th is complete with this super patriotic daytime parade." Shots: 27 Effects: 3'S:3 - Stage whistle 6'S:Parachutes with American flags; 6'S:Parachutes with Blue / White / Red smoke; 6'S:Parachutes with American flags; 6'S:Color confetti

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Sky Painter
The name says it all. This is a daytime serial item. Each shot sends a parachute high in the sky and then descends with a large volume of colored smoke. The effect is that the sky is painted with red, blue, green and yellow smoke.

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Sky Spider
This single-shot item produces a "spider" of weighted streamers that float through the air. Great daytime firework!

Alien Landing



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