New Items for 2016!

ITEM NAME Category
#1000 Professional Display 500g
#300 Professional Reaper Shell Tubes
5 Minute Super Smoke Smokes
Aftermath 60g
Agent Orange 500g
America's Assortment Assortments
Big Bombs Rockets
Big Pro Strobe Bottom Row
Big Stick Roman Candles
Black Label Cakes
Black Lightning Cakes
Blue 500g
Broken Silence 500g
Burn it Up 500g
Clean Sweep 500g
Critical Mass 500g
Desert Smoke Smokes
Destroyer 500g
Family Pack #4 Assortments
Fever Pitch Roman Candles
Fiesta Cakes
Firecracker Bomb Firecrackers
Flight of Fancy Fountains
Frozen in Time Fountains
Full Auto Cakes
Gargoyle Night 500g
Geared Up 500g
Givin' Back 500g
Hell in a Handbasket Cakes
King Cobra Rockets Rockets
Kingslayer 500g
Knight's Sword Sparklers
Kraken 500g
Massive Neon 500g
Neon X Shells 60g
One Bad Step Mother 500g
Pimp Stick Roman Candles
Pink 500g
Pinkalicious Fountains
Polar Storm 500g
Princess Sword Sparklers
Pro Shells, 24 pack 60g
Purple Passion 500g
Red, White, and Blue Tracer Roman Candles
Red, White, and Blue X Shells 60g
Shark Bait Cakes
Shark Bite 500g
Smokin' Aces 500g
Stars and Stripes Assortment Assortments
Sucker Punch 500g
Large Sunflower Winged Item
Super Shell 60g
Sweet Spot 500g
Sychronisity 500g
Texas 5" Super Shell 60g
There Will Be Blood 500g
Tracer Fire Candle Roman Candles
We Will Rock You 500g
When Pigs Fly Rockets
Wind Up 500g
Wired Fountain Fountains
Yowza 500g
Zombie Blaster Reloadables


By Category

Aerial Multi-Shot Aerial Reloadable Aerial Tubes
Assortments Firecrackers Fountains
Missiles Novelties Parachutes
Roman Candles Smoke Items Sparklers
Wings/Spinners Wheels Stick Rockets
500g Items Small Items  


Open: Memorial Day Season (May 24 thru May 29)

Caddo Mills Megastore
10am - 9pm

Rockwall Megastore
10am - 9pm

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