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Developed in China during the 11th Century and reportedly transported to Europe by the Mongols after the 13th Century, the rocket soon became an integral vehicle in the development of pyrotechnics throughout history. With this in mind, the "Rocketeer" has been created as a testament to this legacy. Judging a top quality rocket requires assessing rocket motor consistency, speed, height, and effect to weight ratio. The Black Cat® Gold Collection "Rocketeer (RK-100 series)" packs enough effect into 20 grams of powder to make any rocketeer proud, with each of the six rockets in this selection passing the judging panel with flying colors! Color and Effects: 1. Green Palm Rings 2. Purple Palm Rings 3. Brocade Crown 4. Sky Blue Brocades 5. Green Palm & Crackles 6. Red Strobes

#6 Rockets
These and all Black Cat@ rockets are made on special machines so the performance and quality are consistent.

Air Force One
Silver tail to silver flying fish. Unit size (inches): 31x1-3/4x7/8x7-3/4 Packing: 12/5 Carton size (cbm): 0.059 Gross Weight (kg): 10

Arrows of Light
You can almost hear the drums calling as the Arrows of Light rocket assortment lights up the sky. Nine premium rockets of various siezes and colors are colorfully packaged and blister packed for maximum impact. Effects include: Red crossette with crackle pistil; Crackle stars with whistle and green glitter; Red bees with blue star; Green bees with blue star; Brocade crown; Gold glitter; Peach and glitter pistil; Crackle pistil; Crackles pistil and silver fish; Green glitter and gold glitter.

Big n' Bad Rocket
Black Cat®'s Big 'n Bad rockets are huge and bold. Six spectacular premium effects are matched with huge rocket bursts and mind blowing performance. Each of the base colors and glitters are mixed with standout Brocades, Crackles and Willows. A triumph for Black Cat®'s attention to color combination and commitment to Big 'n Bad performance. Size: 32-1/8 L includes 6-1/2 Motor & Head Effects: 1. Vertical Lift to Gold Glittering Brocade with Blue Stars 2. Vertical Lift to Crackling Palm with Red & Green Stars 3. Vertical Lift to Red Willow & White Glittering Stars 4. Vertical Lift to Silver Willow & Green Glittering Stars 5. Vertical Lift to Crackling Spike with Blue Stars 6. Vertical Lift to Red Umbrella with Green Glittering Stars

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Big Head Rocket
Definitely ahead of the rest. Big Head Rockets shoot headlong into the sky reaching heady heights, with huge head-strong bursts. Head-spinning stuff!! Assorted Effects Include: 1. Red with Titanium Chrysanthemums 2. Green with Titanium Chrysanthemums 3. Yellow with Titanium Chrysanthemums 4. Purple with Titanium Chrysanthemums 5. Blue with Titanium Chrysanthemums 6. White Glitter with Titanium Chrysanthemums Size: Motor payload width: 1-1/2" Motor height: 5-1/2" Rocket stick length: 25-1/2"

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Elite Sky Rockets
Click here to view larger image The next generation of Sky Rockets. Aerodynamically designed for a elite flight performance matched only by the quality of colors & effects. A Black Cat® original! Effects: 1. Purple Stars & Yellow Glittering Palms 2. Blue Stars & Green Umbrella 3. Whistling Tails to Blue Stars & White Glittering 4. Whistling Tails to Silver delayed Crackle & Green Glittering Size: Motor width: 1-3/4" Motor height: 8-1/2" Rocket stick length: 28"

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Galaxy Pack
Experience the thrill as these high quality pocket-rockets shoot to the stars-literally! The Galaxy pack is a 9-pack combo of high flying color and action. Effects including: 1. Red and Green stars with Crackles 2. Colored palm trees 3. Red Crossettes with Green stars 4. Green Crossettes 5. Palm trees with Crackles 6. Golden Comet with Crackling Pistil 7. Whistling Rocket 8. Triple whistle with Green falling leaves and Crackling Pistil 9. Whistling tails to a Crackling palms

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Pound Rockets
The effects consist of four big rockets with really big effects. Crackling Gold, New Color Leaves, Red Crossette and Sizzling Silver Crossette.

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Ring Shell Rocket
Six awesome assorted rockets that break into color rings. Because the rocket keeps the shell oriented in the same direction throughout the flight, the rings break perfectly nearly every time.

Rocket Launch Tube

Texas Pop Rocket (small)


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